Jiu Jitsu Classes

Jiu jitsu classes are made up of several components, including a thorough warm up, body conditioning, breakfalls, self-defense techniques (combining strikes, joint manipulation and throws) and cool-down.

New Students

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New students will find a challenging and rewarding experience doing Jiu jitsu.

During the first three months, students will practice:
  • Break-falling techniques
  • Basic body movements, blocks and strikes
    • evading the attack
    • blocking the attack
    • taking control of the other person
  • Basic defence techniques from various body grabs
  • Basic defences against punches and kicks
  • Basic defences against weapons such as bottle attacks
Grading examinations for rank belts are twice a year, although, as the participants progress through the grading structure, the time between grading examinations increases to allow them to develop a deeper understanding of the more advanced techniques.

Participants will also have the opportunity to meet and train with members of our other clubs as Jitsu Canada schedules regional events throughout the year. This allows participants to train with new people, receive instruction from different instructors, and benefit from the social aspects of meeting other jiu jitsu students.

Participants do not need a gi (uniform) to start with (track pants and T-shirt will do) but if the student is interested in pursuing jiu jitsu for an extended period, a gi is required.

Check out our location & times page, and contact us for more information or to inquire about trial classes.

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